“Sex, Drugs & Journalism”

Journalism has always been one of the most important societal institutions and has always been responsible for upholding many of our democratic values. The problem we’re facing today is a lack of willingness to pay for journalistic content, which affects both the way individual journalists work and the way news get funded. The rise of social media offers alternative ways for journalists to promote their work, as well as new ways of paying for it. The music industry shows a similar development, with artists having to make money through different channels than before. We believe in a similar development for the journalistic industry, though obviously with slightly different consequences. In the future, journalists are no longer the lowly paid writers who do the biddings of their supervisors at the newspaper, but self-promoting rockstars funded by you and me, and driven by the fame that comes with the next big story. To support this theory, we are planning on interviewing people in different areas connected to this future scenario, for example: the news industry, music industry, as well as a social media expert.

Group members

Gustaf Lundström (project leader – glundst@kth.se), Baptiste Ormieres, Oscar Karlsson, Michaela Munitzk