“What if the pictures in magazines weren’t just pictures but short movies, and what if you heard music connected to the articles? What if you could interact with the printed content? Augmented magazines – the magazine experience of tomorrow”

The combination of augmented reality and paper magazines create the possibility to offer digital features (additional content like video and sound as well as interactivity like commenting or instant purchasing) while keeping all the benefits of paper magazines such as its tangibility, smell and feeling.

We will investigate the state of the art by looking at current technologies and offers as well as conducting interviews with people from the industry (Metro, Ikea, VICSTHLM, Pointcloud). Then we will envision how augmented (or hybrid) magazines could look in the future, especially at different technological solutions as well as different kind of additional content.

Group members

Eva Olsson (project leader – evo@kth.se), Jens Müller, Joel Arnkvist, Havva Göcmenoglu