“I can’t believe it, I read the whole thing!”

What if it was the easiest thing in the world to find out what your friends are reading at the moment, what famous people read right now, the most popular articles right now and the fastest rising articles? With MAGnify it is, and it only takes a second.

Based on the mass-survey and interviews with social media experts, business-developers from publishing houses and media-researches we strongly believe that the platform based on social recommendations for readers could be real (as a business model and consumers’ demand both).  Based on the data we will visualize the framework of our platform, write a business-plan for it and make a short movie, explaining how it will work.

Group members

Maryia Shalukha (project leader – shalukha@kth.se), Jens Åkerblom, Alex Bikazzan, Simon Enström, Adam Lännqvist