“Our dream is a future where we live in smart environments, where all devices are connected with each other and work together intelligently to provide an amazing user experience. Even magazines will be perfectly integrated in this intelligent environment.”

MAGi is an intelligent system for magazine reading that provides perfect usability for readers in the year 2030. This magazine reading assistant is completely integrated in the readers’ daily life, their intelligent environment and it is connected to all relevant devices. MAGi really knows its readers!

The first step to anticipate a future scenario was to find resources that provide a realistic forecast about future technology and society. To get to know problems and needs, readers in the year 2030 might have, we established personas which represent a future society. Knowing the needs of our future target group we deduced functions of our service. For substantiating our predictions we had a feasibility check based on literature and expert interviews.

Group members

Joakim Rydén Sjöstrand (project leader – jrs@kth.se), Anna Eberlein, Fabian Schöller, Anne Strunz